Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ubuntu 13.04 boots in 13 sec at Samsung 900X3E-A03

I did install Ubuntu 13.04 single boot in UEFI modus on a Samsung 900X3E- A03. For installation only i did deactivate "Fast boot" at the bios menu. Since than its activated again.

  • WiFi
  • Speakers, microphone, audio out
  • Both USB
  • Webcam
  • Bluetooth
  • Function keys: Touchpad on/off, Mute, Volume +/-, switch screen, screen backlights
  • Battery status
  • SD card reader
  • Video works after kernel update to 3.8.0-31 (no horizontal black lines anymore)

Partial support:
  • Screen backlights: At some boots monitor is very dark. Adjustment with FN keys for screen backlight possible each time
  • Touchpad
  • HDMI working with exernal monitor but switches off with tv after start of videos

  • keybord backlights, there are none at all
  • Function keys: Settings = FN F1, Fan control, Wifi on/off 

  • Suspend on lid-close
  • Suspend/hibernate
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Gigabit ethernet

  • Dark screen at some boots: Fix with xbacklight -set 80 at the auto start. You can chose 80% like me or any other value

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